La Trocola Circ is a circus company that bases its productions on exploring the uses of objects. Working from a commitment to innovation, they stage shows focusing on different means of communication.

La Trocola gained recognition with their first production called Potted which is still currently on tour after over 200 performances in national and international festivals and venues.

Feeling the need to express a new means of communication, the company created their second production called Emportats.

Continuing with the same decontextualization of objects and the concentration on technique and versatilty, the addition of live music performed by two new artists of the band, ‘Jo & Swiss Knife’.

In 2018 Emportats won Valencia’s ‘Best Circus Show’, Gijón’s ‘Best Night Show’ at Feten Festival and were candidates for the ‘Revelation Show’ in Spain’s MAX Awards. In 2019 Emportats won the ‘Audience Award’ at the International Street Festival in Ludwigshafen, Germany. In addition, La Trócola Circ was awarded for its Contribution to the Performing Arts of the Valencian Community in the 2019 Estruch Awards granted by the Juan Gil-Albert Institute of Culture of the Diputación de Alicante and the Teatro Principal de Alicante.