When we sleep, the body connects us with our desires, our fears and our hopes. We dream.

R.E.M. is a trip to the world of dreams – a reflection and an investigation of objects in a circus setting for all audiences that weaves a dream story sown with our own concerns. R.E.M. talks about the demands of one’s self, borders and the fear of failing. It is a call to courage, to achieve what we long for or at least to try.

4 artists and 4 beds become the driving material of dreams through juggling in heights, handstands, acrobatics, banquine and hand to hand – 4 beats that multiply with each sigh of the audience in the stalls.

R.E.M. proposes to daydream with a surprising, fun and moving journey with which La Trócola Circ once again sets the stage for life in motion.

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Gobierno de España. Ministerio de Educación, Cultura y Deporte. INAEM